Barometric altitude measurement

The PURE GPS has an integrated air pressure sensor, which is unique in the category of affordable GPS entry-level devices. The bike computer thereby provides accurate altitude information, which allows you to ascertain the gradient. The home altitude at the beginning of the trip can be easily determined by GPS or you can select one of the preset home altitudes (for example at home or in front of the office).

Large log capacity

Memory full? Not with the PURE GPS. Each trip is recorded with a memory interval of 5 seconds and stored automatically when resetting the trip data.

The log memory allows up to 110 hours of data recording. This is more than 5 months with an hour of riding time per day or more than 6 days of non-stop travel.

Simple data handling

Data transmission is fast and convenient. With the SIGMA LINK app and an NFC-compatible Android smart phone, settings and trip data can be transmitted wirelessly and read out in the app.

Alternatively, you can connect the bike computer directly to your terminal device with a micro-USB cable. Use the DATA CENTER for an even more detailed view and analysis of the completed tracks.

Smart connectivity

Connect the bike computer directly to the DATA CENTER on your PC using a micro USB cable. You can read your trip data on the go via the SIGMA LINK app on your Android smart phone. You can also make settings on your PURE GPS directly from the app. To do this you will have to first enable the NFC on your smart phone. The SIGMA CLOUD is used to transfer data between the app and the DATA CENTER. If you want, you can share your trips with your friends via the app as well as DATA CENTER, for example, on Strava or Facebook.

Long battery life

The PURE GPS is optimised for efficiency and allows for a long battery life of up to 15 hours, despite its compact dimensions. It reliably accompanies you even on extended day trips.

If the persistent battery runs out eventually, it can be fully recharged within 2.5 hours using the supplied micro USB cable.