Frequently Ask Questions & Manuals

Can I change the battery in my heart rate monitor or running computer myself?

You can change the battery yourself in all SIGMA heart rate monitors and running computers with a battery compartment. The battery type name can be found on the battery cover.

For heart rate monitors and running computers without a battery compartment, we recommend having a specialist sports retailer or watchmaker change the battery.

Can I go swimming with my SIGMA heart rate monitor or running computer?

You can also wear your SIGMA heart rate monitor and running computer when swimming. However, please note that this is not a diving instrument and you must not press any buttons whilst underwater as the water resistance can then not be guaranteed.

Water resistance

The water resistance is tested in the watch industry in line with the international standard ISO 2281. This states that the water resistance is marked with the level of the water column which corresponds to a static water pressure in a certain depth of water. This is a theoretical value as a dynamic pressure is always exerted in water. This depends on the movement in the water and the movement of the water itself. The dynamic water pressure, at a particular depth, is far higher than the static water pressure. It is therefore only possible to use products given a water resistance of at least 3 ATM for swimming.

You are furthermore unable to access the heart rate measurement underwater as the water prevents signal transmission from the chest strap to the device.

What warranty entitlement do I have?
Warranty claims can be made in the event of material and workmanship errors. The warranty does not cover batteries, wear and tear parts, or wear caused by commercial use or accidents. Warranty claims shall only be valid if the SIGMA product has not been opened without authorization and the purchase receipt is provided.
How many laps can I store and how can I access these?

You can store up to seven training sessions with up to 99 laps.

When you finish your training, this is automatically stored in the memory.

You can then use the memory to access the last seven training sessions and all the laps.

If you want to view your completed laps while still training, you can do so using the EasyLap View function.

What exactly is the BestLap function?

While training, the BestLap function helps you quickly establish whether the lap that you have just completed is your fastest lap so far.

At the end of your training session, the best lap is also displayed when you view the completed laps.

Was ist die EasyLap View Funktion?
Mit Hilfe der EasyLap View Funktion können Sie während des Trainings mit nur einem Tastendruck die bereits absolvierten Runden einsehen.
How many sessions can my SC 6.12 store? What do I have to do when the memory is full?

You can use your SC 6.12 to store up to seven training sessions with up to 99 laps per session.

The SC 6.12 has a dynamic memory.

If you have completed more than seven training sessions, the oldest session is automatically overwritten by the most recent session.

The memory is therefore never full.

If you need the data from a training session, we recommend noting down the values in good time before they are overwritten.

What is the light mode and how do I use it?

The light mode helps you retain a clear view of all your times even when it is dark.

You can activate this by simultaneously pressing the two lower buttons (Toggle/+ and Toggle/-).

If you no longer need the backlight, you can press the same two buttons again to disable the light mode.

The light symbol (lamp) helps you see whether or not the light mode is active.

The light mode is automatically disabled when you exit training mode.

This prevents unnecessary usage of the batteries.

Does my SC 6.12 also have an alarm function?

Yes, your SC 6.12 has an alarm function.

If this is enabled, the alarm goes off at the set time each day.

The alarm symbol indicates whether or not you have activated the alarm.

Why does the display sometimes react slowly or have a black coloration?

The upper or lower operating temperature limits may have been breached.

Your sport computer is designed for temperatures from 1°C to 55°C.

What should I do if the display is weak?

A weak display can be caused by a weak battery.

The battery should be changed as quickly as possible - battery type CR 2032 (ref. no. 00342).