Frequently Ask Questions & Manuals

What is the warranty term?
This depends on the legal warranty conditions.
When using a chest belt, what do I have to consider to ensure that my heart rate can be correctly measured?
To activate the chest belt, regardless of the model, the electrodes must be moist. If these are NOT moist, a seamless heart rate measurement cannot be guaranteed.
My heart rate is only correctly displayed after approx. 15 min. What can I do?
If an inaccurate heart rate reading is often displayed at the start of a training session, this can be due to the chest belt being too dry. If you experience this problem regularly, also moisten the chest belt at the points that are directly beneath the contact surfaces of the chest belt. This will provide moisture for the first few minutes until you start to sweat. The heart rate measurement should now work properly again.
What must I consider when taking care of my chest belt?

Care instructions for the standard chest belt:

After every training session, wash the belt and the transmitter with clean water and hang them up to dry.

Regularly clean the transmitter with a mild soap solution.

Wash the belt regularly (every 3 - 4 weeks) using your washing machine’s hand wash program. For washing, only use mild detergent and a wash bag.

Care instructions for textile chest belts such as COMFORTEX/COMFORTEX+:

Remove the transmitter from your COMFORTEX/COMFORTEX+ chest belt after every training session. Wash the COMFORTEX/COMFORTEX+ belt with clean water and hang it up to dry.

Wash the COMFORTEX/COMFORTEX+ chest belt regularly (every 3 - 4 weeks) using your washing machine’s hand wash program. For washing, only use mild detergent and a wash bag.

Please note that you should never put your COMFORTEX/COMFORTEX+ in a dryer or allow it to dry in direct sunlight. It should also not be bleached or ironed.

Never clean your COMFORTEX/COMFORTEX+ chest belt with aggressive detergents or chemicals.

Can I change the battery in my heart rate monitor or running computer myself?

You can change the battery yourself in all SIGMA heart rate monitors and running computers with a battery compartment. The battery type name can be found on the battery cover.

For heart rate monitors and running computers without a battery compartment, we recommend having a specialist sports retailer or watchmaker change the battery.

Can I go swimming with my SIGMA heart rate monitor or running computer?

You can also wear your SIGMA heart rate monitor and running computer when swimming. However, please note that this is not a diving instrument and you must not press any buttons whilst underwater as the water resistance can then not be guaranteed.

Water resistance

The water resistance is tested in the watch industry in line with the international standard ISO 2281. This states that the water resistance is marked with the level of the water column which corresponds to a static water pressure in a certain depth of water. This is a theoretical value as a dynamic pressure is always exerted in water. This depends on the movement in the water and the movement of the water itself. The dynamic water pressure, at a particular depth, is far higher than the static water pressure. It is therefore only possible to use products given a water resistance of at least 3 ATM for swimming.

You are furthermore unable to access the heart rate measurement underwater as the water prevents signal transmission from the chest strap to the device.

What warranty entitlement do I have?
Warranty claims can be made in the event of material and workmanship errors. The warranty does not cover batteries, wear and tear parts, or wear caused by commercial use or accidents. Warranty claims shall only be valid if the SIGMA product has not been opened without authorization and the purchase receipt is provided.