Digitally coded transmission STS

All new models with DIGICODE feature digitally coded wireless transmission. This transmission method eliminates disturbances during group training and prevents cross talk.

Prior to each use, the digitally coded chest strap and heart rate monitor must be synchronized. As a result, the watch only receives data from it's own synchronized chest belt. The heart rate readings are converted into digital data packages and transmitted to the receiver within the monitor. A check sum guarantees that the digital data packages are correct. In addition, the "time coding & ID procedure" guarantees that data transmission is significantly more secure and accurate compared to analogue heart rate monitors.

- Transmission of digital heart rate values

- Synchronisation of chest belt - heart rate monitors based on ID and time coding

Calorie counter

Keep an eye on calories burned while training.

Target zone

Always know whether you are in your target zone.

Backlight display

The backlit display helps you train at any time of day or year, and even see all your statistics in the dark.