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Welcome to the SIGMA DATA WORLD.

Learn more about the cloud, SIGMA apps, and DATA CENTER, our very own planning and analysis software.


    What is the SIGMA CLOUD?
    Software that stores all training data from heart rate to calories burned to lap times from several SIGMA devices in one central location. Thanks to the fully automated synchronization, the training data only has to be transferred once. The data is then accessible at any time and from anywhere with a PC or tablet.

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    The SIGMA SPORT DATA CENTER is a powerful software program to evaluate statictics and training sessions on a PC, Mac, or tablet. It is compatible with all ROX series bike computers, Topline 2016, Topline 2012 and Topline 2009 bike computers, SIGMA running computers, the RC MOVE, as well as the SIGMA ACTIV and MOVE apps.

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    The SIGMA LINK smartphone app is at the heart of the SIGMA SPORT mobile data world. Training data is always available everywhere. The app is available free of charge in the App Store and Google Play Store.

    SIGMA MOVE takes the joy of exercising to the next level.
    Whether training outside or indoors, your workout data is available
    with a swipe of your fingertip.

    Heart rate can be measured when connected with a R1 BLUE COMFORTEX+ chest strap. And the app can be easily navigated using the buttons of the RC MOVE.

    ACTIV App

    SIGMA SPORT has developed the ACTIV app (Android and iOS) to work in conjunction with the ACTIVO activity tracker. The app easily pairs with the ACTIVO and is super intuitive to use.

    On a single page, you can see a complete summary of your day's activities. Which goal did you reach? (bronze, silver, or gold) Did you earn a trophy today? How much time and what percentage of your activities were spent in each of the intensity levels? (low, mid, high) The app also shows the total number of steps taken, calories burned, distance covered, and total active time.