Motivation & Sports

The app welcomes you and displays motivational messages to get you started.

Whether outdoors, indoors, on foot, bike, skis or
roller blades: SIGMA MOVE is always a true companion.

Lap & Auto-Lap

Automatic laps can be set to record based on time or distance.

Speed & Distance

GPS is used to determine your speed and distance and display
your route on the map.

Automated training
and target zones

After entering your age, gender, and weight, select your desired target zone, the watch will automatically calculate the upper and lower limits of your heart rate zone.

To boost your physical fitness, use the FIT zone. For optimum fat burning, train in the FAT zone.

Training programs

SIGMA MOVE App can be ussed to create the broadest range of customized training programs, each tailored to your specific training level.
The individual phases of the training can be applied either time, distance or hear rate based.

The transition in the individual phases is done either automatically or manually depending on the setting and will be announced by the
voice announcement, if desired.

Enjoy your favorite musicat
all times

Simply select your favorite playlist in the app and control it via
the RC MOVE.

How it works:

1. Load the playlist

Select the desired playlist in the app’s music view.

2. Play the playlist

The music starts to play when you press play.

3. Pause the playlist

Press the Pause button to pause the playlist at any time.

4. Change songs

Use the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ functions to change songs.

Automatic voice announcement of the values

The voice announcement after each lap can be individualized within the app from a list of the seven most important training values.

The training details that are announced during the training session are set under ‘Audio’ in the SIGMA MOVE app settings menu. For each activity, you can choose different announcements and different auto lap settings. Laps can also be recorded manually. And the voice announcement can be turned off entirely.

Training analysis

An overview of all completed training sessions can be found in the ‘History’ menu. All activities are stored and clearly presented in this menu
so that they can be analyzed at any time.


After training you can share your workouts on Facebook or Twitter.