SIGMA MOVE takes the joy of exercising to the next level.
Whether training outside or indoors, your workout data is available
with a swipe of your fingertip.

Heart rate can be measured when connected with a R1 BLUE COMFORTEX+ chest strap. And the app can be easily navigated using the buttons of the RC MOVE.


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Speed & Distance

Know where and how quickly you are training: the app uses your iPhone’s GPS to determine your speed and distance, and displays the route on the map within the app.

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Compatible with RC MOVE

When combined, the RC MOVE, an iPhone, and the SIGMA MOVE app create an unbeatable training tool with GPS, music management, and voice control. All values such as speed, distance, lap values, and heart rate are simultaneously displayed on the watch and the app. The music playlist from the iPhone can be managed directly on the RC MOVE.


Thanks to the SIGMA DATA CLOUD you can transfer your training data of the SIGMA MOVE App into the DATA CENTER.

Training programs

SIGMA MOVE can be used to create the broadest range of customized training programs, each tailored to your specific training level. The programs can be saved and modified at any time.

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Training analysis

An overview of all completed training sessions can be found in the ‘History’ menu. All activities are stored and clearly presented in this menu so that they can be analyzed at any time.

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