How does it work?

Simply transfer the training data from a SIGMA device into SIGMA DATA CENTER on a PC or tablet as usual. From there, the data will automatically be sent to the SIGMA CLOUD.


Synchronizing DATA CENTER with the SIGMA CLOUD

If you synchronize your data from DATA CENTER with the SIGMA CLOUD, the data from your DATA CENTER will always overwrite the data in the CLOUD. That means that if you delete a track in DATA CENTER, it is also deleted in the SIGMA CLOUD and thus also on the second installation if this is synchronized with the SIGMA CLOUD.

1. Click the SIGMA CLOUD icon.

2. The login window opens.

3. Choose Registration

4. Enter your e-mail address and password.

5. Select connect. The synchronization process starts.

If you have a lot of data, the initial synchronization may take a long time. You can cancel the synchronization at any time (close DATA CENTER). If you re-start the synchronization, it will simply continue.

All devices that are compatible with SIGMA DATA CENTER can also be connected to the SIGMA CLOUD.

What additional benefits are there?

The data can be easily edited or transferred from one device (e.g. tablet) to another (RC MOVE, ROX 10.0 GPS), for example.


Trainings & Tracks

All DATA CENTER users can create, print, and share tracks. If you have a SIGMA device with GPS, you can record additional tracks and access further functions.

Who can view the data?

No-one else. The SIGMA CLOUD is completely secure. The data is protected by your own, personal access details.

How do I start?

The SIGMA CLOUD can be used via a free account, which is very easy to set up.
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