Day/week/year view

SIGMA SPORT has developed an own App (Android and iOS) for the Activity Tracker ACTIVO. The App is easily connected to the Tracker and intuitive to use.

The app gives the user a quick overview of the current status in relation to the daily or interim target, both through the outer ring, which appears in the three colors bronze, silver and gold, and by the trophy in the center of the image. The inner ring is also color-coded and shows the intensity of the day’s activities (low, mid, high) and how long they were done for. The ACTIV app also provides information about the number of calories burned and the distance covered.

The user can also view a statistical analysis for each week, each month, or the entire year.


Analysis with graph and bar chart

The ACTIV app displays statistics for steps, calories, distance, and activity time. The display and analysis are provided both in numerical format and as a clear bar chart.


Sleep analysis

If sleep mode is activated, the tracker responds more sensitively to movements. By recording these during the night, it is able to draw conclusions about the quality of the wearer’s sleep.

The analysis of the sleep phases (deep, light, awake) is clearly displayed via the SIGMA ACTIV.

Sleep analysis


The ACTIV app can be connected to Facebook and Twitter so that all results can be directly posted and shared with friends.



Connectivity through the SIGMA CLOUD

The data from the activity tracker can also be transmitted to SIGMA DATA CENTER via the ACTIV app and the SIGMA CLOUD. Registration for the SIGMA CLOUD is free and enables users to not only transfer their activity data but also share this data and the DATA CENTER statistics on a PC/MAC or tablet.

Integration in DATA CENTER

SIGMA DATA CENTER enables the user to sync and analyze all statistics from the ACTIV app via the SIGMA CLOUD on a PC, MAC, or tablet, where it can then be conveniently analyzed. A summary of the analysis is provided under ‘ACTIVITIES’. An overview of the days on which the daily target has been reached can be found in the calendar view.


Great customization

All of the user’s important information is stored under ‘Profile’ in the app settings menu. In addition to the gender, weight, height, and age details, which are in part used to calculate the number of calories burned, users can also enter their own step length. They can also choose which of the statistics ‘step’, ‘calories’, ‘distance’, ‘activity’, and ‘clock’ are displayed on the tracker.

Automatic sleep times can be stipulated although the sleep mode can naturally also be directly activated and disabled on the ACTIVO.


The transfer of data between smartphone and ACTIVO done via Bluetooth SMART (BLE) from Android 4.3 or iPhone 4S from version iOS8.


Simple pairing


The connection between ACTIVO and the ACTIV app needs to be initialized only once per pairing. In the menu of App and Tracker pairing must be started simultansously.

No registration needed


Anyone can download the app from the Google Play Store or from the Apple Store. Without registration and without giving personal data. The ACTIVO communicates alone with the connected Smartphone and the installed app SIGMA ACTIV.