SIGMA SPORT has developed the ACTIV app (Android and iOS) to work in conjunction with the ACTIVO activity tracker. The app easily pairs with the ACTIVO and is super intuitive to use.

On a single page, you can see a complete summary of your day's activities. Which goal did you reach? (bronze, silver, or gold) Did you earn a trophy today? How much time and what percentage of your activities were spent in each of the intensity levels? (low, mid, high) The app also shows the total number of steps taken, calories burned, distance covered, and total active time.


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Integration in DATA CENTER

SIGMA DATA CENTER enables the user to sync and analyze all statistics from the ACTIV app via the SIGMA CLOUD on a PC, MAC, or tablet, where it can then be conveniently analyzed.

A summary of the analysis is provided under ‘ACTIVITIES’. An overview of the days on which the daily target has been reached can be found in the calendar view.