The top of the dashboard provides a summary of the SIGMA device that is connected to the DATA CENTER such as the number of activities saved on the device, the remaining log time, and details about the installed firmware. While the lower half summarizes the activities already imported and stored in the DATA CENTER, displaying important metrics that you can analyze by week, month, or year.

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    The Main Menu

    In the SIGMA DATA CENTER, the main menu is divided into Dashboard, Calendar, Activities, Statistics, Tracks, and My Device.

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    Activity Feed

    All activities that have been transferred to the DATA CENTER are listed in the “Activity Feed” allowing you to quickly access your last training session or workout.

    You can see the most important values at a glance: duration, distance, altitude, heart rate, and calories.

    Different colors are assigned to each activity types to help sort through your many workouts/sessions.

    Activities can also be filtered by sport type with a simple click. This also changes the comparison charts and statistics shown below the activity feed.

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    The statistics portion of the dashboard displays the cumulative values of the last few weeks or months of training. Choose to display workout time, distance, altitude, calories, or the number of activities.

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    Creating an account on the SIGMA CLOUD lets you synchronize your data across several computers, tablets, or smartphones so that your data is everywhere that you want it to be.

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    Best Results

    All of your greatest accomplishments are displayed in "Best Results".

    Personal bests are separated by sport type for more meaningful comparisons. (And so that your runs are not overshadowed by your bike rides.)

    Best results can also be filtered by calendar year.

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    The options found in the "menu" change based on the screen that you are viewing. Whether you are in Dashboard, Calendar, Activities, Statistics, or Tracks view, check the MENU tab for all of your options.



The calendar displays your training sessions by week, month, or year in a classic calendar view. Click the Sport Type/User button to choose which activity types you would like to be displayed.

Scroll below the calendar, and you will find a Totals summary of the displayed activities, and a Progression Chart plotting out your average training values (heart rate, cadence, or speed).

The DATA CENTER calculates your training data in every view!


The calendar can display data per week, per month, or per year. The total values at the bottom of the page adjust according to the time period selected.


The "Progression Graphs" show you trends in training. Select from a variety of metrics to see how your training progress is developing over time.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed shows your latest workouts/activities. They are listed in chronologic order, color coded by activity type, and show a summary of the activity details to help you quickly find a workout to share or analyze.


The activities tab displays data in a table or spreadsheet view. Click on any of the column headers (Sport, Name, Type, Date, Distance, Training Time) to sort your data by that column. This is can be helpful when searching for a particular workout/training session.

Activity Feed


Color coded sport profile tags make it easy to distinguish between different types of activities (i.e. road rides vs mountain bike rides).



Get an overview of all of your training sessions or workouts in the statistics menu. Various display options and filters can be selected to show every type of exercise in detail. Click on any activity to open an individual training sessions or workout.

Two Views

Values can be displayed in a bar chart or a table. Switch between views with a simply click.


The values ​can optionally be displayed in a bar chart or clearly in tabular form. You can select a view and switch it with by clicking.



In addition to the comprehensive and almost endless data analysis capabilities of the DATA CENTER, it is also a powerful mapping and route planning tool. See where you went. Plan where you want to go. Import and edit tracks/routes. Set waypoints/POI. Select route options. Transfer routes to devices and import routes from devices. All of this is possible in the Tracks menu.

Plan and edit your own routes with our easy to use software. Create a new route and adjust it until it fits your needs. Incorporate waypoints and POI to guide you along your ride.

Want to import a track/route that has already been created? Or even one from another device? No problem. Click the menu button and select File import.

Previously saved tracks/routes can be edited in the My tracks tab. Find your track/route and click the pencil icon. Make as many changes to the route until you are satisfied!

Once you have completed planning and everything is right, you can transfer the route as a track to your device.

Not only can you transfer the track directly to your SIGMA device, you can export it from the DATA CENTER as a file that can be shared with others to use. Choose from several different file formats including a .gpx file.

The online community GPSies is also linked. You can upload, integrate and further edit the ready-made tours stored there.


A POI (Point of Interest) is a place that you consider important. Regardless of whether it is a tourist attraction, a café or a supermarket, you can add and name your own POIs, and then you get a message during your next ride that you are near or passing a POI you set.

General Information

Every track/route is different. Add important information about the track/route to help you remember it in the future. Is the track/route more suitable for a road bike or a mountain bike? Is it hilly or flat? How many meters/feet did you climb? Important information, or tags, can be added to each track/route making it easier to find your favorite ride.

My Devices

All SIGMA devices that have been connected to the DATA CENTER can be found in the “My Devices” section. If a SIGMA device is currently connected, its name will appear in green.

Click on the name of the device that you wish to view and select Device Totals to view the total values accumulated on that product.

Every SIGMA device that is compatible with the DATA CENTER can also be programmed through the DATA CENTER. Choose your language, adjust the date & time, enter your personal settings such as gender, weight, max heart rate, etc. All of this can be done with a mouse, keyboard and large computer display instead of going through the setting menu of your SIGMA device.

New: Training sessions (workouts) can be created for the RC MOVE and several of the SIGMA GPS computers. Create your own multi phase training session/workout with the easy to use Training Program Builder.