Sigma Sports

Motor Cycle Computers

Many motorcyclists are technophiles and data fans. They not only want to feel the fresh air in their lungs while biking but also to be able to see their rides in numbers afterwards. The SIGMA motorcycle computers therefore make perfect and, above all, reliable companions for all rides.


  • MC 10
    The MC 10 is easy to use with just two buttons. It includes all the essential speed, distance, and time fucntions to add value to your rides.
    DOT MATRIX LCD Easy Setup Watertight Current speed to 399,9 km/h Speed comparison Switch between kmh / mph mode Large Display
  • MC 1812 MOTO
    The MC 1812 Moto is a motorcycle computer that displays key performance data such as speed, accerleration, highway acceleration, and braking behavior. With a clearly structured easy-to-read display, and nice large buttons, it is a must-have for any motorcycle cockpit.
    1/4 Mile Race DOT MATRIX LCD Watertight Current speed to 399,9 km/h Braking coefficient measurement Highway acceleration measurement Breaking Distance