Frequently Ask Questions & Manuals

When am I entitled to make a warranty claim?
You can make a warranty claim in relation to material and workmanship defects. The warranty does not cover batteries, wear-and-tear parts, wear caused by commercial usage, or accidents. You are only entitled to make a warranty claim if the SIGMA product itself has not been opened without authorization and the receipt of purchase is provided.
Can another person with a different motorcycle computer cause interference?
No, that is not possible.
How are the magnet and reed switch positioned?
The reed switch housing has 2 protruding points, which mark the sensor area. The magnet must be positioned in relation to the reed switch so that on each wheel revolution, the magnet precisely passes these two protruding points.
How should the magnet be set up?
The magnets provided have a cylindrical shape. The magnetic field is emitted from each end of the cylinder. This area must be aligned with the reed switch’s sensor area.
How long will the battery in the MC 10 last?
The battery life depends on how much the device is used and whether the light manager is used. In general, the MC 10 is designed so that the CR 2450 battery used lasts at least four years (based on one hour of usage per day).
Can I change the batteries myself?
The MC 10 has a battery compartment so that the user can change the batteries. When doing so, please ensure that the sealing ring is always correctly positioned before you close the battery compartment.
Is the MC 10 water resistant?
The MC 10 is water resistant. It can be used in the rain without any risk of damage. The buttons can be pressed.