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Sigma Sports

Power Lights

Concentrated lighting power for enjoyable nighttime trips – both off-road and on.


  • BUSTER 700
    BUSTER 700
    A whopping 700 lumens and 100 metres of visibility make the BUSTER 700 a reliable partner for your trips through the night. Using the integrated slider the BUSTER 700 can be pushed onto the helmet holder and removed easily.
    Cree LEDs
  • BUSTER 300
    The BUSTER 300 is the all-rounder for every occasion. With 300 lumens and 70 metres of light range, it gives you the best view of roads and paths. Four light modes and a fade-in and fade-out function ensure that just the right amount of light is always available. With the slider you can easily detach the power light from the holder and quickly attach it again.
  • BUSTER 200
    Rugged power pack for everyday use
    The BUSTER 200 impresses with a bright 200 lumen output, an integrated lithium ion USB rechargable battery, and a 50 meter beam range. A silicone cover protects the aluminum housing on night rides while the powerful LED lights the way. Great burn time, great battery capacity, charge indicator and six light modes make this light a must have!
    USB Charging Water resistant Tool-free click-mounting
  • BUSTER 100
    Small yet mighty
    The smallest light in the BUSTER series weighs only 62 grams. Packed with 120 lumens, the BUSTER 100 delivers outstanding light output and will be the perfect companion for your adventures in the dark.
    USB USB Cable inside Water resistant Brightness 120 Lumen
Sigma Sports

Front Lights

High-quality lighting systems for anyone who is out and about early in the morning or after work in the dark.


  • AURA 25
    AURA 25
    The battery-powered front light AURA 25 is StVZO approved and with 25 lux provides sufficient light and improved visibility for your evening trips through the city. The affordable bike light illuminates for a good 30 metres providing a harmonious light pattern in the core and side zones, thus ensuring more safety in road traffic.
  • AURA 30
    The AURA 30's 30 lux and 40-metre range makes it the perfect bike light for daily use in city traffic. It has StVZO approval and two light modes. Children and those who bike only occasionally appreciate its easy handling, long burn time, and simple battery replacement.
  • AURA 35 USB
    For those, such as students, who are looking for low-cost, reliable bike lighting in city traffic, the AURA 35 USB is the ideal solution. The 35-lux front lights, which comply with German road traffic regulations (StVZO), can be attached easily and without tools to your handlebars. It not only looks good, but gives you 45 meters of beam range and good illumination, ensuring greater safety.
  • AURA 45 USB
    With its 45 lux, the rechargeable AURA 45 USB shines more than 55 meters, making it ideal for safety-conscious everyday bikers who use bikes in their leisure activities as well. The new integrated brightness sensor automatically regulates the light intensity, allowing an optimum relationship between luminosity and burn time.
  • AURA 60 USB
    With a 70-metre headlight range and 60 lux, the AURA 60 USB illuminates streets and lanes evenly and features improved side visibility with the "Light Guide". This increases safety in road traffic, but also makes the light ideal for sporty riders and commuters.


    Auszeichnung AURA 60 USB
  • AURA 80 USB
    A beam range of 90 meters at 80 lux will satisfy any frequent rider. The AURA 80 USB is the bike light of choice for commuters and for athletic training rides in the evening. Precise LED indicators on the top show you just how much battery charge is left and which of the four light modes you have selected. The lateral Light Guide not only makes the front lights, which comply with German road traffic regulations (StVZO), attractive, but also ensures that you are better visible to others on the road.


    AURA 80 USB - Set - Testsieger
    Award AURA 80 USB

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Sigma Sports

Rear Lights

High-quality lighting systems for anyone who is out and about early in the morning or after work in the dark.


    Small, compact and rechargeable. The NUGGET II FLASH can be quickly and easily attached to every seat post and removed again. Providing ideal visibility, the effective taillight adds a great plus in road traffic safety.
    The tail light CUBIC offers a high level of safety in road traffic and is one of the cheapest StVZO-approved lights in the market. With its long burning time it is an indispensable companion and ideally suited for bikes of commuters or students.
    BLAZE is SIGMA SPORT's first rear light with brake light function, day and night. Another safety bonus is the integrated brightness sensor, which activates the bike light automatically when light conditions are poor. The long burn time, great visibility range (500 meters), and low price make the BLAZE the all-rounder for any seat post.
    Safe night and day with the BLAZE FLASH: The SIGMA SPORT rear light features not only a brake light function, but also two flashing modes, making it even more visible on-road and off. The integrated brightness sensor automatically activates the bike light when visibility conditions are poor. 500 metres of visibility range, 50 hours of burn time, cost-effective, multifaceted, and user-friendly: the BLAZE FLASH is a true all-rounder for any seat post!
    A chic design at a reasonable price: the CURVE rear light with its extra-long burn time (29 hours) has unrestricted StVZO approval and will spice up the rear of your seat post with sporty aesthetics. The batteries can be easily replaced.
    Its almost limitless energy and extremely stylish look make the SIGMA® INFINITY rear light with its extra-long burn time (up to 16 hours) the perfect companion for rides after dark. The extremely slim rear light has unrestricted StVZO approval and is guaranteed to upgrade the rear of your seat post.
Sigma Sports

Safety Lights

See and be seen – the SIGMA
safety lights get you to your destination safely.


    The MICRO DUO ensures more visibility in every situation. The two LED lights can be independently operated and both the red and white light colour and light mode can be set independently. Thanks to the two mounting options, the handy size and the four case colours, the possibilities of using the safety light are virtually unlimited – be it on a backpack, bicycle, keychain or stroller.
Sigma Sports

Sport Lights

Innovative LED technology for a broad range of uses, whether for sport or leisure.


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    The HEADLED II is an all-rounder for sports and the outdoors. Ideal for jogging after work, camping or trekking in the dark, the headlamp has an output of 120 lumens, a lighting range of 35 metres and all the functions you need. But that's not all. A Boost mode briefly increases the power output to high. The ease of use and the low weight of only 57 grammes make the comfortable-to-wear HEADLED II a perfect companion for everyday activities and holidays.