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    Frequently Ask Questions & Manuals

    How can I obtain a replacement?

    Accessories are available in the Sigma Webshop.

    What warranty entitlement do I have?

    Warranty claims can be made in the event of material and workmanship errors. Excluded from the warranty are batteries, elastic straps, textile chest straps, e.g. Comfortex, wear and tear parts and wear due to commercial use or accidents. If no speed is displayed, this can be due to the transmitter or the computer.

    How long does the charging process last?

    The charging process lasts 3 hours.

    How do you turn on the brake light function?

    The brake light function can be activated with a double-click.

    How is the BLAZE correctly initialized/calibrated?

    First fix the rear light on the bike frame before switching it on so that the reference position is stored correctly. During the calibration stage, the yellow LED indicator flashes. As soon as the initialization stage is completed, it glows continuously.

    What does BLAZE do in Auto Day mode?

    If you are in a dark environment with the rear light, it turns on permanently. If you return to a bright environment, the light stays on for four more minutes.

    If you park a bike with the rear light in a dark environment, the light registers the lack of movement. It stays on for four more minutes, remains in standby for another five minutes, then turns off completely.