600 Lumens

The BUSTER 600 produces an impressive 600 lumens and a huge beam range. The front light provides optimum visibility during bike rides in the dark. It is not only ideal for cycling, but also all other nighttime outdoor activities.


Integrated USB rechargeable lithium ion battery

The light and battery are combined into one single unit. The lithium ion battery is recharged with a USB cable. The USB port is located on the underside of the light and protected by a thick, flexible silicone seal.

Thanks to the lithium ion technology, there is no memory effect and very little loss of capacity when stored and not in use.

Compact design

The buster 600 combines brightness with long burn times in a sleek, compact design. The perfect interplay of function and design results in a powerful and versatile light. The use of high-quality materials also makes the light extremely robust.

Adjustable screw-bracket

The buster 600 is attached to a handlebar using a highly adjustable screw bracket. The design enables rapid attachment and removal without tools.