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    Frequently Ask Questions & Manuals

    What type of screw is best if I want to use my BUSTER 2000 with the universal helmet bracket?
    Please use the long screw provided with the universal helmet bracket.
    How does the pairing of remote control and the lamp work?
    1. Separate lamp head and battery pack from each other.
    2. Keep both buttons of the remote pressed until the LED in the remote flashes.
    3. Connect the lamp head to the battery pack during the flashing of the remote LED.
    4. After that, click once on the upper button of the remote.
    5. If the pairing is successful, the lamp head flashes 3 times fast.
    What is the frequency of the remote control?
    We use our own 2.4 GhZ frequency, which works absolutely without interference.
    What is the effective range of the remote control?
    The remote control is designed to work perfectly within a radius of at least 2 metres.
    What battery do I need for the remote control?
    For the remote control you need a CR 2025 button cell.
    What is the battery life of the remote?
    Depending on the usage, the battery life is approx. 1 year.
    How do I change the battery of the remote?
    Please follow the instructions in the operation manual.
    Does the BUSTER 2000 really have a light output of 2000 lumens?
    It is a real measured value of 2000 lumens. Unlike some of the competitors, our values are determined based on real conditions and not theoretical data.
    Can the lamp be switched on without the flash function?
    Yes, the lower button of the remote can be used to change the permanent modes.
    Why doesn't the lamp work immediately after I have connected the battery pack?
    After the battery pack and lamp head have been plugged together, the lamp needs approximately 5 seconds until it reacts to the double-click. During this short period of time, the lamp head will contact the remote control.
    What is the capacity of the BUSTER battery pack?
    The battery pack has a capacity of 6400mAh. The lamp has a burning time of up to 20 h in the Eco mode and up to 2.5 h in High Power mode.
    What does the small green lamp on the battery pack signify? Is the information reliable?
    After pressing the TEST button on the battery pack, the four-level indicator shows the current charge level of the battery. One small lamp stands for 25% capacity. (+- 10%) If all the four small lamps are on, the battery is charged between 76% and 100%.
    How long does it take to charge the battery?
    From a completely empty state, the battery pack will be fully charged in 6 h.
    Can I use the old Powerled Evo charger to charge the pack?
    No, please use only the included charger.
    Can a silicone cover for the rechargeable battery be subsequently purchased?
    No, at the moment this is not available for subsequent purchase.
    Is it possible to use the BUSTER battery pack to charge another device via the USB port?
    The battery pack has a so-called push-to-charge mechanism. This means you connect your device with the USB device to the battery pack and press the TEST button on the pack once. Now your device begins to charge.
    Can I also charge the BUSTER battery pack with a USB cable?
    No, the USB port is for output only. The battery pack cannot be charged with it.
    Which devices can be connected to the USB interface?
    You can connect all USB devices, which can also be charged via a USB charging cable.
    What is the output voltage of the USB port of the BUSTER battery pack?
    The output of the USB port is 5 V / max. 2.1 A
    How many charging cycles does the battery pack have?
    The pack has at least 75% remaining capacity after 500 charging cycles.
    Can I use the new battery pack for the Powerled EVO?
    The BUSTER battery pack is backward compatible and can be used with both the KARMA EVO and the POWERLED EVO.
    Can I use the Buster 2000 with the IION XL battery?
    The BUSTER 2000 can only be used with the supplied BUSTER battery pack.
    Can I operate the BUSTER 2000 without a head wind in a stationary state?
    Of course you can also use the BUSTER 2000 without a cool wind. The lamp is designed in such a way that it does not get damaged even at high temperatures. The BUSTER 2000 starts to dim down automatically from a temperature of approx. 59°C upward. This is done primarily to protect the user in order to prevent burns. If the operating temperature falls again below 59°C, immediately 100% light output is available again
    Is the complete system watertight?
    The BUSTER 2000, the battery pack and the remote are splash-proof according to IP44 standard.
    Is there a problem with lighting at extreme outside temperatures?
    The BUSTER 2000 can also be used at extreme outside temperatures. However, the capacity of the battery pack may be reduced at extreme temperatures. This can be up to 30% in extreme cases. As soon as the pack is once again in room temperature, it has full capacity again
    The light will not switch on even though the battery pack has been fully charged.

    The battery’s internal overcharging prevention function may be active.

    We recommend reattaching the battery pack to the supplied charger and pressing the battery monitor button on the battery once.

    The battery should now work for the light again.

    How long does the charging process last?

    The charging process lasts 3 hours.

    Does the battery pack have a memory effect?

    By nature, Li-ion rechargeable batteries do not have a memory effect.

    How can I obtain a replacement?

    Accessories are available in the Sigma Webshop.

    What warranty entitlement do I have?

    Warranty claims can be made in the event of material and workmanship errors. Excluded from the warranty are batteries, elastic straps, textile chest straps, e.g. Comfortex, wear and tear parts and wear due to commercial use or accidents. If no speed is displayed, this can be due to the transmitter or the computer.