The headlight provides a high degree of safety in everyday life

The new LIGHTSTER USB has been designed for daily use in road traffic. A high degree of safety combined with ease of use and optimum everyday compatibility thanks to a USB charging option distinguish the LIGHTSTER USB. Optimized high-performance optics and the CREE LED produce increased brightness of up to a minimum of 32 lux.

The LIGHTSTER USB illuminates the nearby, core and side areas in harmonic light. In connection with the rechargeable battery and the battery and charging indicator, the LIGHTSTER USB provides a high degree of safety in everyday life.

  • USB Cable inside
  • USB Charging
  • Water resistant
  • Cree LEDs
  • 3 Zones
  • Brightness 32 Lux

Viewing distance
35 m

Amount of light
32 Lux

Burn time
7 hstandard mode

Lighting pattern model


DISTANCE ZONE = Necessary safety on fast routes with a clear view into the distance, especially in mountainous terrain

CORE ZONE = Optimal illumination for a safe ride

CLOSE-RANGE ZONE = Safety on slower, technically demanding and extremely windy routes

SIDE ZONE = Additional safety, particularly when riding at high speeds on windy routes

Lumen and Lux?

What do the terms ‘LUMEN’ and ‘LUX’ actually mean and how are they related? It is only possible to draw clear conclusions about the subsequent lighting pattern by combining these two terms.

LUMEN = Amount of light, that can produce the light source (LED), thus the light power of the LED

OPTICS = It collects the light from the LED by reflection and refraction almost without loss

LUX = Illuminance, indicates the intensity of the light that arrives at a specific point on an illuminated surface