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    Frequently Ask Questions & Manuals

    Can I charge my light during the ride?

    Thanks to the USB connector, the light can be charged everywhere.

    What warranty entitlement do I have?

    Warranty claims can be made in the event of material and workmanship errors. The warranty does not cover batteries, wear and tear parts, or wear caused by commercial use or accidents. Warranty claims shall only be valid if the SIGMA product has not been opened without authorization and the purchase receipt is provided.

    Is there the possibility that my light is switched on by being transported in a backpack?

    The light contains a safety mechanism against this issue. A double click is necessary to switch it on.

    How can I obtain a replacement?

    Accessories are available in the Sigma Webshop.

    How long does the charging process last?

    The charging process lasts 4,5 hours.

    What do the bars on the battery charge indicator mean?

    Each of the bars stands for 25% of the battery's capacity. If four bars are visible, the battery charge is between 100% and 76%; three mean 75% to 51%, two mean 50% to 26%, and one means less than 26%. If the battery level falls below 11%, the green LED goes out, and the red one lights up. This means that about one hour of burn time remains.

    If the battery level is sufficient only for the last 15 minutes, the indicator LED begins to flash red.

    What do the bars on the light mode indicator mean?

    Actuating the light mode switch changes luminosity by 20 lux. Four bars mean 80 lux, three 60, two 40, and one 20. If the charge level falls below 11%, the light automatically switches to the lowest level (20 lux).