Powerful 80 lux to meet extremely high standards

A beam range of 90 meters at 80 lux will satisfy any frequent rider. The AURA 80 USB is the bike light of choice for commuters and for athletic training rides in the evening. Precise LED indicators on the top show you just how much battery charge is left and which of the four light modes you have selected. The lateral Light Guide not only makes the front lights, which comply with German road traffic regulations (StVZO), attractive, but also ensures that you are better visible to others on the road.


AURA 80 USB - Set - Testsieger


Viewing distance

90 m

Light amount

80 Lux

Burn time

15 h


The AURA 80 USB demonstrates its superiority with new features: multi-level indicators for battery capacity and luminosity. The yellow LEDs show you the luminosity setting (mode), and the green ones show you the remaining bike light battery charge level in 25% increments.

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The all-rounder

You can use the four light modes to decide for yourself how much lighting power to use and how long you want to ride. At the highest level, the front light battery is good for four hours. If you are riding in twilight or on well-lighted streets, you can use Eco mode, which provides sufficient bike lighting for up to 15 hours.

Light amount 80 Lux
Burn time 4 hours
Light amount 60 Lux
Burn time 5 hours
Light amount 40 Lux
Burn time 6,5 hours
Light amount 20 Lux
Burn time 15 hours
    Light amount 60 Lux
    Burn time 4 hours
  • MID
    Light amount 30 Lux
    Burn time 7 hours
  • ECO
    Light amount 18 Lux
    Burn time 10 hours
  • ECO
    Light amount 18 Lux
    Burn time 10 hours


Many bikers find aesthetics important, and not just for the lens, but also for the appearance of the bike accessories. The Light Guide, the battery and light mode indicator, and the housing with its stainless steel application make the bike light certain to attract attention. Despite all its components and considerable luminosity, the AURA 80 USB weighs only 119 grams, including its bracket.

Bike lighting at a
reasonable price

The AURA 80 USB is available in two complete sets – either with the new BLAZE rear light with brake light function or with the NUGGET II rear light. This makes your riding entirely safe at an optimal SIGMA price-performance ratio.