Homogeneous lighting pattern
with multiple zone illumination

Thanks to the high-quality LED lens, the AURA 60 USB distributes the light very uniformly and provides optimum visibility in the distance, side, core and close-range zones without blinding other road users. It ensures maximum safety in road traffic.

  • Anti-glare zone

    Distance zone

    A good illumination of the distance zone provides safety on fast routes with a clear view into the distance.

  • Anti-glare zone

    Side zone

    A brightly lit side zone provides additional safety, especially on winding trips and at higher speeds.

  • Anti-glare zone

    Core zone

    An optimal core zone illumination is the basis of a safe ride at night and important for all cyclists.

  • Anti-glare zone

    Close-range zone

    A brightly lit close-range zone is essential, above all, for slow technically challenging and very winding trips.

The AURA 60 USB is equipped with a state-of-the-art Osram LED lens, which allows maximum light transmission and creates a perfect lighting pattern.

Light Guide for side visibility

The lateral "Light Guide" is not only a visual highlight, but also creates significantly higher visibility in traffic thanks to the two additional LEDs.

USB charging capability

The AURA 60 USB has an integrated lithium-ion battery that is charged via the micro-USB port. The light can be charged from a USB port on a PC. Using the included cable, the rechargeable battery can be fully recharged in a maximum of 3.5 hours.

The lithium-ion battery has a protective feature against excess discharge and overcharge. Plus, it has no memory and can easily be fully charged again.


Compact and light

mm length
mm height
(without silicone bracket)
mm wide
(with silicone bracket)

Battery/charge indicator

The operating button doubles as a charge indicator that shows the battery status. If the battery capacity is below 70 percent, the LED in the button illuminates green and, if the capacity is below 30 percent, it illuminates red. The LED also provides information about the current battery status during the charging process. When the battery is charging, the indicator will be red; as soon as the battery is full, the indicator turns green. The AURA 60 USB can also be charged during use.


    Switch on protection

    The front light is switched on with a double-click
    and switched off with by pressing and holding the
    button. This prevents the battery being drained from the light accidentally turning on in a bag for example.


    Tool-free mounting

    The AURA 60 USB has a permanently attached silicone mount for quick and easy tool free attachment to any handlebar. In addition, the
    AURA 60 USB is also compatible with other SIGMA mounts, such as the screw bracket and the universal helmet mount.

    up to
    35 mm


    Water resistant

    The AURA 60 is protected against splash water according to the international IPX4 standard and
    can be used in all weather conditions.