USB charging

The AURA 40 USB has an integrated lithium-ion battery. This is charged via the micro-USB socket, which is also possible on any PC. With the supplied micro USB cable, the rechargeable battery can be fully recharged in a maximum of 3.5 hours.

The lithium-ion battery has a protective feature against excess discharge and overcharge. Furthermore, it has no memory effect and can easily be fully charged again.

Lateral visibility

The AURA 40 USB not only illuminates the side zones perfectly, but also ensures optimum visibility in the core, long-distance and near zones, thus ensuring greater safety in road traffic.

Battery/charge indicator

The operating button doubles up as a charge indicator that shows the battery status. If the battery capacity is below 70 per cent, the LED in the button lights up green and, if the capacity is below 30 per cent, it lights up red. The LED also shows the current charging level during the charging process.

Switch on protection

With a double click you switch on the front light and switch off again with a long press of the button. This function prevents unintentional switch-on, such as in the trouser pocket.

Simple mounting

The light and silicone bracket form a single unit. The integrated silicone holder allows the AURA 40 USB
to be mounted on the handlebar without tools and removed again.
Even handlebars with 35 mm diameter pose no problem.