Frequently Ask Questions & Manuals

Can I use my light in the rain?

All SIGMA SPORT products are splash-proof so that they can also be used in the rain.

What warranty entitlement do I have?

Warranty claims can be made in the event of material and workmanship errors. The warranty does not cover batteries, wear and tear parts, or wear caused by commercial use or accidents. Warranty claims shall only be valid if the SIGMA product has not been opened without authorization and the purchase receipt is provided.

Which handlebar diameter can be covered by the light’s bracket?

The bracket covers handlebar diameters up to 35 mm.

Is there the possibility that my light is switched on by being transported in a backpack?

The light contains a safety mechanism against this issue. A double click is necessary to switch it on.

Can I recharge the Aura 25 with an USB charger?

The Aura 25 cannot be charged as it doesn’t have a built-in battery back. Its batteries have to be replaced.

Which Batteries do I need for my Aura 25?

The Aura 25 needs to be equipped with two AA batteries.