Diverse designs and individuality

MySpeedy is available in nine different designs. Each of these has its own silicon ring and matching colored bracket strap.

The following designs are available Camouflage, Sweety, Herbie,
Evil Eye, Stars & Stripes, Dots, Aloha, Pow! and Skull.

360° View

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1-button operation with
easy-to-feel pressure point

1-button operation

With only one button, the MySpeedy is easy and convenient to use.

The button is practically positioned on the lower edge of the computer. The pleasant, easy-to-feel pressure point makes it possible to quickly navigate through the menu. The material is designed to enable the simple use of the computer even when wearing gloves.

Case design protects the display against scratches


The computer has intentionally been designed to be robust. The embedded display is outstandingly and effectively protected against scratches by the clearly protruding edge.