Frequently Ask Questions & Manuals

Can I connect my Rox 7 with speed-, cadence- and/or heart rate transmitters?

The Rox 7 determines speed and distance only via built-in GPS. It has no features to display cadence and heart rate by external sensors.

What is the top speed that can be displayed by the Rox 7?

The Rox 7 can display a maximum speed of 199.8 km/h.

Can I connect my Rox 7 with my Smartphone?

You can connect the Rox 7 with your smartphone. Therefor you need an USB OTG cable. Moreover your smartphone needs to support OTG data transfer.

What is included in its package contents?

The Rox 7 comes bundled with a USB charging cable. This can also be used to transfer tour data to the DATA CENTER computer software.