Frequently Ask Questions & Manuals

Can I connect my Rox 11 with speed-, cadence- and/or heart rate transmitters?

The Rox 11 can be connected with speed-, cadence and heart rate transmitters. Optionally speed and distance can be determined via built-in GPS.

What is the top speed that can be displayed by the Rox 11?

The Rox 11 can display a maximum speed of 199.8 km/h.

Can I connect my Rox 11 with my Smartphone?

You can connect the Rox 11 with your smartphone. Therefor you need a smartphone which supports Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

What is included in its package contents?

The Rox 11 can be purchased in two different variations.

In its standard version the Rox 11 comes bundled with a USB charging cable. This can also be used to transfer tour data to the DATA CENTER computer software.

Besides that, the device can be bought in a set bundled with speed-, cadence, and heart rate transmitters.

What is my bike computer's battery life?

The durability of the battery depends on the computer’s usage.

The durability with GPS is 13 hours. Without GPS the ROX 11 can be used for 35 hours.


How do I connect my ROX GPS 11.0 via BLE with the SIGMA LINK App?

You can find all the needed information regarding BLE-Connection in the Video-Tutorial: SIGMA SPORT // SIGMA LINK // BLE-Connection (EN)