Button functions

The ROX GPS 11.0 has four buttons:

Top right: 
The top right button turns the ROX GPS 11.0 on and off. When the ROX GPS 11.0 is on, the top right button is now the "Enter" or "Start" button. Press the "Enter" to confirm selections within menus.

Top left: 
The top left button is the "Stop" button when a training session is in progress. Within menus, the top left button is the "Back" button.

Two bottom buttons:
The ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons increase or decrease values, navigate through menu items, or toggle between screens while training. To access the short menu while training, press and hold the bottom right button. Press both bottom button at the same time to activate the backlight.



Device/display size

Height x width x depth:
73,5mm x 50 mm x 21,5mm

1.7” full dot-matrix LCD with 160 x 128px


R1 DUO Combo

R1 DUO transmitter

The R1 DUO heart rate transmitter uses two different transmission technologies. The data is sent to the ROX GPS 11.0 via ANT+. It can also be shared with a smartphone via Bluetooth Smart.

R2 DUO Combo transmitter

The new R2 DUO Combo transmitter for speed and cadence transfers the data to both ANT+ and Bluetooth-Smart-compatible devices. This makes it possible to simultaneously send all important data to the ROX GPS 11.0 and a smartphone using any compatible app.

R2 DUO Combo

Enorme Log-Kapazität

Maximum log capacity

The ROX GPS 11.0 has a log capacity of up to 1,000 hours, depending on the storage interval selected (1-2-5-10-20 sec.).

New bracket

In line with the new ROX GPS design, the bracket has also been revamped. The new handlebar bracket is about 20% smaller than the previous version.

Neue Halterung

Full Dot Matrix Display

Full dot-matrix display

The full dot-matrix display makes configuring settings flexible. Thanks to multiple tile size options, all text can be optimally shown on the display – whether in full sunlight or after dark with the backlight.

3-axis compass

3-Achsen Kompass

A 3-axis compass, which measures the Earth’s magnetic field three dimensionally, has been integrated into the ROX GPS 11.0. This makes it possible to measure the direction irrespective of the tilt angle. The 3-axis compass supports the GPS, keeping the route in the correct direction even in the event of a weak signal.



The micro-USB port is used to quickly upload training data to the DATA CENTER as well as to charge the ROX GPS 11.0.

Battery life

Lange Akkulaufzeit

Thanks to a battery life of up to 13 hours, the ROX GPS 11.0 is suitable for long training rides.