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Summer is cycling time and hence we have a new update ready for you. In the following, you can see all the new features and corrections in more detail:

Contrast of the map has been improved
In order to make the map contents easier to recognize in future, we have revised the contrast of the maps. The details are now seen more clearly. Also, the route to be traveled is now displayed in blue instead of light green, so that the route is now distinguished better from the other map contents.
Turn-by-turn instructions for Draw my Route
In order to make navigation with Draw my Route more clear in the future, we have also added turn-by-turn instructions.
Display of support levels for Shimano STEPS
With the support levels, the ROX 12.0 can also display another e-bike value for Shimano STEPS.
Troubleshooting Garmin Base Camp Tracks
Garmin Base Camp offers the possibility to save multiple tracks in a .gpx file. However, these tracks led ROX 12.0 to become unbootable. We have fixed this error with this update, so that all tracks are displayed correctly on the ROX 12.0.
All changes at a glance
  • Contrast of the map has been improved
  • Turn-by-turn instructions for Draw my Route
  • Display of support levels for Shimano STEPS
  • Troubleshooting Garmin Base Camp tracks
  • Troubleshooting scheduled Strava routes in the Strava app
  • Troubleshooting ROTOR OCP saving value

Just in time for spring, there is a new update that focuses on e-bikes. Following are the changes, features and improvements in more detail:

E-bike compatibility with SHIMANO STEPS and LEV (ANT+ profile)
The new update enables you to connect the ROX 12.0 to an e-bike that has a SHIMANO STEPS drive (E5000, E6100, E7000 and E8000* only with corresponding wireless unit) or supports the ANT+ LEV profile You can now set your ROX to display the range, the level of support and/or the status of the battery. Plus, important information or error messages from the compatible e-bike are displayed. Throughout your ride you can keep an eye on all the information relating to the e-bike.
ROTOR INPower support has been added
We have expanded our compatibility with ROTOR and now fully support INPower. ROTOR INPower users can now set their system to display the OCA and OCP values (incl. graphic) in the same way as ROTOR 2INPower users.
MicroSD card read error has been rectified
We have resolved the error that used to occur when the MicroSD card was read. Now you can use the MicroSD card as a memory card. The following data can be stored on the MicroSD card:
  • Activities
  • Workouts
  • Custom sport profiles
  • Tracks

IMPORTANT: The MicroSD card must be formatted as FAT32! Following is a list of MicroSD cards that we have tested.
Compass function has been improved
Based on user feedback regarding incorrect map alignment as slow speeds, we have corrected the compass functionality to resolve the error.
All changes at a glance
  • Integration of e-bike compatibility with SHIMANO STEPS and LEV (ANT+ profile)
  • Compatibility with ROTOR INPower
  • MicroSD card reading error has been rectified
  • Compass function has been improved
  • Error in STRAVA Live Segments synchronization has been rectified
  • Stability has been improved

Following are a few changes and new functions for the ROX 12.0 that will take affect with the latest firmware update.

Firmware update
You can now manually check if an update is available. Just go to "Settings > Firmware Update". WiFi connection is required for this.
Update of Strava live segments
We are working very closely with Strava to ensure that you can fully concentrate on the segment when you use the ROX 12.0 with Strava Live Segments.

IMPORTANT: To ensure that you will be able to continue using Strava live segments in the new year, you MUST do this update. Access with the old software version will cease at the end of this year. After the New Year, Strava users will be able to access Strava live segments ONLY with the new version!

What has changed?
You will now be able to make the following comparisons:
  • Personal record
  • Athlete who is one place ahead of me
  • Athlete who is one place behind me
  • My last attempt
  • Best time from the last five attempts
Note: There are segments that are classified as "dangerous". They are not available as Strava live segments!
New zoom function for the altitude profile
The zoom function works in exactly the same way as on the map. While you are in Training mode, simply tap on the altitude profile and select the desired zoom level. This level is maintained until you change it again.
Dropbox integration
SIGMA has integrated Dropbox functionality to the ROX 12. Once you have logged into Dropbox, training sessions can easily be uploaded in .fit file format.
All changes at a glance
  • Strava live segments update
  • Dropbox integration
  • Training view is given a new improved font for numbers
  • Zoom function for altitude profile
  • Power meter calibration – optimized
  • Improvement to stability

We have been asked to make the change log a bit more detailed. To that end, we will gladly provide more information about the changes in each respective update.

Firmware update
One possibility is to simply connect the ROX 12.0 to a power source. The ROX 12.0 must be activated. Then it checks if an update is available. When the update has been downloaded, an info screen will appear to alert you to the update.
Following are the streamlined instructions for updating the firmware:
  1. WiFi must be set up and logged in
  2. Connect ROX 12.0 to power source
  3. After approx. 30 seconds, a download symbol (arrow down) is displayed at the top right near the battery indicator - download has started
  4. The download takes a few minutes depending on the Internet connection
  5. The update screen will now be displayed and the update can be performed
In the new version, the update process has been simplified. You can now manually check if an update is available. Just go to "Settings > Firmware Update". WiFi connection is required for this.
Turn-by-turn instructions
The turn-by-turn instructions have been completely revised. In the previous version, these were added "mathematically". While good in the field test there were weaknesses in practice. Although the instructions were mostly good, there were some that were just wrong.

What has been changed?
We now analyze the complete track, create a new track and generate the turn-by-turn instructions. This process checks the entire course of the track and also every crossing. This produces significantly better turn-by-turn instructions.
On Track / Off Track
We have now added the ON/OFF track message. The map will display an exclamation point that you have left the track and the ROX 12 will beep (optional).
The Komoot integration has been revised. Now downloaded tracks can be accessed offline. There is no WiFi needed along the way. Activities can be automatically uploaded to Komoot.
We have added authentication with password. Thus, the private tracks are also available.
There were individual users who had problems logging into the SIGMA CLOUD. This error has been fixed.
All changes at a glance
  • Compatibility with ANT+ remote controls has been added
  • Remote control of the Shimano Di2 is now supported
  • Scaling has been added to the map
  • Zero position calibration of a power meter has been added to the short menu
  • ON/OFF track information has been added
  • Training page indication has been added
  • Presentation of the altitude profile has been improved
  • Turn-by-turn instructions have been improved
  • Komoot integration has been revised
  • GPSies – Authentication has been added
  • Errors in .fit have been fixed (lap times errors)
  • Strava Live segments – You can now sync 100 instead of just 30 segments
  • Firmware update process has been optimized
  • Error with .GPX - Tracks with overlong descriptions have been fixed
  • Error "Power intensity zones graphic chart disappears" has been fixed
  • SIGMA CLOUD LOGIN error has been fixed