ANT+™ technology


The use of wireless, digital ANT+™ transmission technology is common in bicycle electronics. All ANT+™ compatible devices* can communicate with each other as long as they have been paired. Most power meters are ANT+™ based.

The ROX®10.0 GPS heart rate, speed, and cadence transmitters also transmit their data using ANT+. Current values are transmitted every second. Users can easily change the batteries themselves.

*For a full list of ANT+™ compatible products, click the external link!

PC| MAC Ready

PC| MAC Ready

The micro USB connector can be used to connect the ROX®10.0 GPS to either a PC or Mac where the data can then be downloaded, stored, and analyzed using DATA CENTER.

GPS Sensor

GPS Sensor

The ROX®10.0 GPS comes with an integrated, highly sensitive GPS receiver. This receiver interprets the signals from GPS satellites and uses them to calculate the location of the ROX®10.0 GPS.



The integrated Li-ion rechargeable battery is charged using a micro USB cable. The same connection is also used to transmit data to and from the DATA CENTER. The battery takes 3 hours to charge and has a 13 hour capacity.

The ROX®10.0 GPS supports the new charging standard, most commonly known in relation to the new smartphones (EN 62684:2010). ROX®10.0 GPS and smartphone chargers are fully compatible thanks to their standardized charging voltage, charging current, and micro USB plug.

Cadence Magnet Pedal Insert

The cadence disc pedal magnet is designed for tight installation situations. The magnet attaches to any steel pedal spindle by magnetic force. From there, it triggers the cadence transmitter with each crank revolution.



Three-axis compass

The ROX® 10.0 GPS has an integrated three-axis compass which measures the Earth’s magnetic field three dimensionally. This makes it possible to measure direction irrespective of the tilt angle.

Full Dot Matrix Displa

Full Dot Matrix Display

The ROX®10.0 GPS has a clear 1.7" full dot-matrix LCD with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels and four gray scales per pixel. Font that has been specially optimized for cycling makes the device easy to read during rides.

Full Dot Matrix Displa

Rechargeable battery

The integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides power for up to 13 hrs. of use. The battery takes 3 hours to charge with the MICRO USB cable connected to either an outlet or a PC.

Transmitter attachment

The new fit and elasticity of the SIGMA ANT+ transmitters make them perfect for all frame and fork shapes. Of course, they can also be attached with a cable tie or O-rings.

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Firmware update


Firmware updates are released regularly in order to enhance existing function or add new functions. The last update added is the 'Custom View' display option. Custom View allows athletes to choose up to six of their most important functions to see while training. Browse through all of the selectable options on the ROX® 10.0 GPS itself or in the SIGMA DATA CENTER.

'AUTO OFF' makes it possible to set the time after which the ROX® 10.0 GPS automatically turns off. Available options are 5, 30, 60 minutes or never.

'Track Cancel' allows a track to be interrupted during a ride through the ‘Track’ submenu without having to reset the training session. The pairing process for power meters has been optimized. The ROX® 10.0 GPS now detects whether or not a power meter supports automatic zero point calibration during the pairing process.

The new firmware is uploaded through the SIGMA DATA CENTER. Once the ROX® 10.0 GPS has been connected to SIGMA DATA CENTER, the firmware version and update options are displayed.


Memory Capacity

You can check your remaining memory space at any time. When desired data can be transferred to the SIGMA DATA CENTER, then deleted from your ROX® 10.0 GPS before a new ride. This will give you 100% memory capacity.