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You asked for it and we delivered. The ROX®10.0 GPS is the first SIGMA bike computer with GPS - The features you need, the price you want from the brand you trust.

The ROX®10.0 GPS comes equipped with a GPS receiver, route navigation and ANT+ wireless transmission technology. With the included DATA CENTER evaluation, planning and mapping software, the ROX®10.0 GPS is the perfect companion for any professional athlete in training.

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  • Speed digital wireless
  • ANT +
  • Power compatibel
  • GPS Track Navi
  • CAD digital wireless
  • HRM digital wireless
  • Training DATA Analysis
  • IAC+ Alti
  • PC MAC ready

SIGMA has launched a new all-round bike computer at the highest level on the market with ROX 10.0 GPS. Appealing design combined with valuable functionality make daily training rides on one hand and great adventure tours on the other hand appear easy to implement. Suitable for every racer type, the ROX 10.0 GPS from SIGMA can be recommended with a clear conscience!

ANT+ Brand Leader Award<br>
SIGMA SPORT has been presented with the ANT+ Brand Leader Award by the international ANT+ Alliance. This award honors outstanding communication about ANT+ transmission technology. In explaining their decision, the international judging panel, which consisted of members of the ANT+ Alliance, stated that SIGMA SPORT communicated and presented ANT+ as a central topic at both the Eurobike and the Interbike in its first year as a member of the ANT+ Alliance.

ANT+ Brand Leader Award

Plus X Award - January 2015<br />
The ROX 10.0 GPS has been awarded for high quality, ease of use and functionality

Plus X Award - January 2015

220 Triathlon <br />
GPS units, like the 77 x 50mm Rox, tend to be bigger than computers that
rely on wheel sensors. But being bigger means there’s more room – not only
for more buttons but also (perhaps more importantly), labels that say what
those buttons do. Thanks to the labels, using the 67g Rox is an absolute
doddle. You simply charge it up, switch it on, format it, give it a moment to
tether to a satellite and then off you go. After that your speed, distance,
time, route, altitude and temperature readings take care of themselves. It’ll
also track heart rate, cadence and power data with additional Ant+ sensors.
It’s a bit bigger, heavier and more expensive than the Cateye, but it’s a
lot easier to set up. Its speed readings do tend to waver a little, though,
especially when you pass under trees.

220 Triathlon


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