Frequently Ask Questions & Manuals

What is the maximum speed that can be displayed by the bike computer?

All SIGMA SPORT bike computers can display a maximum speed of 199.8 km/h.

When am I entitled to make a warranty claim?

You can make a warranty claim in relation to material and workmanship defects. The warranty does not cover batteries, wear-and-tear parts, wear caused by commercial usage, or accidents. You are only entitled to make a warranty claim if the SIGMA product itself has not been opened without authorization and the receipt of purchase is provided.

Where can I get the DATA CENTER evaluation software?

The DATA CENTER can be downloaded for free from

Can I use my bike computer in the rain?

All SIGMA SPORT products are splash-proof so that they can also be used in the rain. The bike computer is not suitable for use when swimming and is not machine washable!

Do I need a speed transmitter?

The Pure GPS determines speed and distance via GPS. An extra transmitter can’t be used.

What type of navigation does the Pure GPS provide?

The Pure GPS provides GPS navigation which acts as a compass.