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05.09.2019 - Products

More power for the AURA light front with 35, 45 and 80 lux

A threefold increase in the range of SIGMA SPORT front lights! The new AURA 35 USB, AURA 45 USB and AURA 80 USB rechargeable front lights complete the AURA series of luminaires and offer the right bike lighting for every requirement and price class.

The compact AURA 35 USB is ideally equipped for road traffic with a solid front light range of around 45 meters. It has two light modes, Standard and Eco. In the standard mode, it lights up with a full 35 lux and an average burn time of about 5 hours. In Eco mode, the lux number is brought down to 15, and the burn time is increased to 12 hours. The lighting elements on the side increase the safety. The small AURA 35 USB is ideally located in the urban environment with its low price, making it ideal for students.

A luscious 45 lux and a harmonious light pattern that illuminates all four zones up to a distance of about 55 meters characterize the AURA 45 USB. Safety-conscious cyclists enjoy the integrated brightness sensor, which automatically adjusts the light intensity to the ambient light. This ensures the longest possible burn time. The two light modes also contribute to this. If the AURA 45 shines with full brightness, the battery life is 6.5 hours. The battery capacity is more than tripled in the Eco mode and then amounts to 21 hours with a luminosity of 15 lux. The perfect companion for regular trips at dusk and in darkness.

With 80 lux, the AURA 80 USB beams a good 90 meters, making it a safe companion beyond the paved roads. Thanks to precise indicators at the top, the rider always has in view the battery charge level and the set lighting mode. Four light modes (80, 60, 40 and 20 lux) make the use of the AURA 80 USB very flexible. In addition, it has a light guide along both sides to make cyclists more visible to other road users. The top model of the AURA series is a first-class companion for frequent and ambitious riders.

Another innovation in the field of lighting is the revised packaging concept with FSC-certified cardboard packaging. Plastic is completely omitted; instead, the open design of the folding box in combination with the modern design offers an optimized presentation of products at the point of sale.

All bicycle lights from SIGMA SPORT are splash-proof according to IPX4 as a standard. The practical silicon holder is permanently attached to the AURA lights and enables speedy and precise attachment to any bike handlebar. The tool-free mounting makes it easy to remove the light after a trip in order to securely stow it away or charge it.

From the beginning of September 2018, the AURA 35 USB, AURA 45 USB and AURA 80 USB will be available individually or in a set with the USB rear light, the NUGGET II. The AURA 80 will also be available in another set with the new BLAZE rear light. The micro-USB charging cable is included in the scope of supply.

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