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01.10.2018 - Products

For optimum visibility in road traffic: the AURA 60 USB

The new AURA 60 USB front light complements the "AURA" light series, which was specially designed by SIGMA SPORT for road traffic. The top model features 60 lux LED technology and, with a lighting range of 70 metres, ensures outstanding illumination of pathways and roads. This makes the AURA 60 a first-class light for sports cyclists and commuters. With its sleek design and its very low weight of 105 grams, the AURA 60 on the handlebars has hardly any effect on the overall weight of the bike - a big advantage for racing cyclists in particular.

Thanks to the high-quality LED lens, the AURA 60 distributes the light very uniformly and provides optimum long-distance, short-distance and lateral visibility without dazzling other road users. It therefore ensures maximum safety in traffic. In addition, the "light guide" on the longitudinal sides increases the lateral visibility of the rider, a considerable additional benefit for the user. Spray water protection in acc. with the IPX4 standard rounds off the profile of the AURA 60 and guarantees excellent visibility even in bad weather.

The AURA 60 has three light modes: Standard, Mid and Eco. In Standard mode, it provides powerful 60 lux illumination, as a result of which the burn time is approx. 4 hours. In Mid mode, the luminosity of the AURA 60 is reduced by half but the remaining 30 lux and 40 metre lighting range are nevertheless sufficient for higher speeds. In Mid mode, the battery lasts for a good 7 hours. In Eco mode, the burn time goes right up to 10 hours and the AURA 60 therefore illuminates the way ahead reliably with 18 lux even during longer trips.

Like all USB front lights from SIGMA SPORT, the AURA 60 has a double-click feature to prevent the light from being switched on accidentally as well as having a two-level battery and charge indicator. This shows the battery capacity of the light at all times. If the battery capacity is 70 per cent or more, a green symbol appears in front of the control button of the lamp and, below 30 per cent, it is red. The AURA 60 also provides information on the current battery status during the charging process and the battery can even be charged while the light is in use. The lithium battery is protected against exhaustive discharging as well as against overcharging. As it has no memory effect, the battery can be fully charged again without any problems.

The practical silicon holder on the handlebars is permanently attached to the AURA 60 and enables speedy and precise attachment to any handlebars. Moreover, tool-free mounting makes it easy to remove the light after a trip in order to securely stow it away or charge it.

From the beginning of September 2018, the AURA 60 USB will be available individually or in a set with the USB rear light, the NUGGET II. The micro-USB charging cable is included in the scope of supply. The RRP is €49.95 for the individual light, the price for the set is €59.95.

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