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14.12.2017 - Products

Workshop to go: The new POCKET TOOLS

POCKET TOOL to the power of three: The new bicycle tool kits from SIGMA SPORT are available in three sizes for very unique needs. The small, medium and large tool kits are made of solid steel with a high-quality phosphate coating. The kits are designed to be an indispensable, high-quality accessory for long-term use. The multi-tools are ergonomically shaped and extremely strong for comfortable and easy handling. They can withstand high levels of torque and mechanical stress and can be used for any bike repair or maintenance.


The POCKET TOOL Small kit contains the 8 most essential tools that should be taken on every bike ride. In this kit, the most common tools are packed together in a very small space. Rubberized sides ensure a good grip. With its small size and a weight of only 76 grams, the Small tool kit is perfect to stash into a jersey pocket during every ride.


The POCKET TOOL Medium kit includes 17 tools and fits perfectly in a saddle-bag pocket thanks to its flat design. In addition to screwdrivers and Allen wrenches, there’s a spoke wrench and a chain tool to adjust spokes and the chain. The sides are made of removable tire levers. Weighing 124, grams the Medium kit is a little heavier than the Small kit and offers a good balance of functionality and weight.


The POCKET TOOL Large kit contains 22 tools for mechanics who want to be prepared for any potential problems occurring on bike rides. For extended rides, it is essential for more complicated repairs. It includes spoke wrenches in different sizes, valve spanners and the useful brake pad tool for disc brakes. The lockable knife is a handy accessory - not only for the bike, but also for snack breaks during a ride. Simply press the button to split the tool into two halves, after which it can be joined together again and safely stowed away.

The POCKET TOOLS are available from December 2017 at the following prices (RRP) from retailers and online:

- POCKET TOOL Small: €12.95
- POCKET TOOL Medium: €22.95
- POCKET TOOL Large: €34.95

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