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29.09.2017 - Products

NUGGET II FLASH – The compact rear light for the seat post

An upgraded version of the NUGGET FLASH rear light is now available. The NUGGET II FLASH has a fresh new design, improved features and a significantly more favorable price. With a visibility range of 400 meters and a burn time up to eight hours, the rechargeable rear bicycle light ensures better visibility in road traffic.

The NUGGET II FLASH increases rider safety due to the 0.5 watt high-power LED and lateral visibility over 220°. With its ring-shaped structure, the Fresnel lens specially developed by SIGMA SPORT provides prime light distribution in a compact space. The result is a balanced, even and strong light output. The burn time depends on the selected light mode. In standard mode, burn time is approx. 5 hours, in high-power mode 2 hours and in flash mode up to 8 hours of continuous use.

The modern, compact and attractive design of the NUGGET II FLASH means that it can be mounted discreetly on any seat post. The battery and charge indicator have both been improved upon. Two battery symbols indicate remaining capacity and during charging the indicator shows whether the light is fully charged or not.

The NUGGET II FLASH is protected against splash water in accordance with the IPX4 standard and, weighing only 24 grams, is one of the lightest USB rear lights on the market. The contents include a USB charging cable and two different sized O-rings for mounting purposes. With a price of €12.95 (RRP), the NUGGET II FLASH is one of the most favorably priced rechargeable rear lights on the market.

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