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06.06.2017 - Products

The new iD.GO sports watch kicks off the iD.SERIES

3, 2, 1 … GO! The iD.GO recently launched by SIGMA SPORT is an easy to use sports watch with ECG precise heart rate measurement. With only three functions and one big button, it is the ideal watch for novices and beginners.

The iD.GO is very comfortable thanks to its slim wrist strap and very light weight design. With 13 adjustment slots, it fits very narrow wrists as well as large wrists. When not in training mode, the iD.GO is absolutely suitable as an everyday watch and shows the time of day across the top of the display. With the press of the button, the stopwatch appears in the lower half of the display and shows the current training time precisely down to a tenth of a second. A non-coded, industry standard heart rate sensor with an adjustable elastic strap is included with each iD.GO. When the heart rate sensor is worn, the iD.GO replaces the time of day on the display with ECG accurate heart rate.

The new iD.GO sports watch is available from specialty retailers and online shops in four trendy colors: “black”, "plum", "pine green" and "rouge" at a RRP of €39.95.

It’s your iDentity

The iD.GO is the first model of the new iD.SERIES from SIGMA SPORT. Later this summer, three additional models will be available that are certain to make the hearts of sports fans beat faster. The functions of each watch in the iD.SERIES are very different from one another and will meet the needs of a variety of users. However, they will all share a common modern design and will be intuitive to operate.

The name of each model in the iD.SERIES says it all. Everyone knows that a watch reflects the personality and style of its wearer. And as sports accessory, a watch also needs to fulfil individual training requirements. With the new iD.SERIES, SIGMA SPORT provides a perfect watch for every type of sportsperson.

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