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08.04.2016 - Products

ROADSTER USB – a compact front light with an impressive lighting pattern

The ROADSTER USB, the successor model to the ROADSTER, is not only smaller and lighter but also offers far more lux. The tried-and-tested premium light has a brand new design and comes with an integrated lithium ion battery. With the ROADSTER USB, SIGMA SPORT is launching its least expensive rechargeable StVZO-compliant light yet. An impressive 25 lux with an outstanding lighting pattern make it a loyal companion for use in road traffic.

This is the first time that SIGMA SPORT is offering a front light with a permanently attached silicone bracket. This makes the ROADSTER USB more compact and quicker to attach than comparable models. The integrated CREE high-power LED is among the best in its class. In conjunction with the optimized SIGMA high-performance optics, it enables the ROADSTER USB to offer outstanding visibility with a beam range of up to 30 meters.

The compact light, including the silicone bracket, weighs just 72 grams and is truly eye-catching! The lateral visibility of the illuminated front light provides additional safety during city rides at night. With unrestricted authorization in accordance with the German road traffic regulations (StVZO), the ROADSTER USB represents safe and reliable cycling fun for any user and any bike.

The ROADSTER USB has two light modes for different requirements. It emits a steady light and has a burn time of at least 5 hours in eco mode and at least 3.5 hours in standard mode. The battery can be completely recharged within 2.5 hours using the USB cable supplied.

With an RRP of €29.95, the ROADSTER USB is a low-cost, StVZO-compliant light with a great lighting pattern for good visibility when cycling at night.

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