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01.02.2015 - Products

A sporty everyday companion

In launching the PC 26.14, SIGMA SPORT is offering a modern yet classic heart rate monitor. The attractive training companion is functional, reliable, versatile, and, of course, digitally encoded. With the soft, comfortable silicone wrist strap and the scratch-resistant mineral glass, the PC 26.14 is not only perfect for sport but also as a chic everyday accessory. With appealing extrinsic and impressive intrinsic features, the PC 26.14 not only looks ultra-stylish but, as a heart rate monitor, also offers important standard functions as well as additional training functions and an individually adjustable display view that is easy to use and logically structured.

Users receive information about their latest, average, and maximum heart rate. Together with the personal values input, this is used to calculate the number of calories burned. The lap counter, which can record up to 50 laps per training session, is an important tool for runners. If the best lap time is achieved, this instantly flashes up on the display as the ‘best lap’. The ‘easy lap view’ can also be used to quickly and clearly evaluate the individual laps after a training session.

The PC 26.14 can be used to train on the basis of pre-set and freely definable intensity zones or individual target zones (such as Fit, Fat, and Own). The default settings for the intensity zones are based on the abbreviations BE1 (60-70% of the HRmax), BE1/2 (70-80% of the HRmax), BE2 (development zone) (80-90% of the HRmax), and CE (peak zone) (90-100% of the HRmax).

On the three-line display, the top line instantly catches the eye with the current heart rate and lap information. The middle and bottom lines display two further training data items and can be customized on nine different pages using a favorites menu. Thanks to the zoom function, these two values can also be displayed in larger format while training.

The PC 26.14 saves up to seven training sessions and provides access to the total values per week and month since the training memory was last zeroed. Further features such as the watertight housing, the display backlight, the simple button lock, and the alarm function round off this sporty companion.

The PC 26.14 from SIGMA SPORT is available from specialist retailers.

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Larissa Brandenburger
Marketing Communication Manager