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26.08.2015 - Products

LED rear light with 3 modes and an integrated charging port

The new NUGGET FLASH is designed for safe exercise in the dark. It offers outstanding safety with three different functional modes. The rear light combines user friendliness with a USB charging option and is ideally suited for all types of bicycle as well as for hiking, running, and more thanks to the clip-on bracket.

The Rear light offers outstanding safety thanks to the 0.5 Watt High-Power LED and a lateral visibility that far exceeds 220° and therefore provides even greater presence on the road for added safety. The light can be set to Standard, High Power, or High Power Flash mode. A balanced, powerful lighting pattern and good visibility of up to 400 meters can both be enjoyed. The newly developed FRESNEL lens created by SIGMA SPORT is specially tailored for use in the dark and the design has been customized accordingly. The ring-shaped structure results in optimum light distribution in the smallest space.

Thanks to its Lithium-Ion battery, the NUGGET FLASH has a burn time of up to 8 hours. The battery status indicator uses two levels to directly present the remaining capacity. The indicator also notifies the user as soon as the NUGGET FLASH is fully recharged after a maximum of 2 hours.

The practical click switch with a defined ON/OFF response makes operating the NUGGET FLASH easy, even when wearing gloves. The NUGGET is watertight and has an extremely low weight of just 24 grams including the bracket. This makes it one of the lightest USB rear lights on the market. It can be easily attached without tools. The modern, compact, and attractive design discretely integrates into any seat post or rear stay.

The MICRO-USB CHARGING CABLE supplied with the NUGGET enables customers to recharge it easily.

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