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03.08.2015 - Products


The new BRAKELIGHT from SIGMA SPORT has been designed for cyclists. The BRAKELIGHT’s bright, high-power LED lights up with the slightest pull of the brake lever to indicate that a cyclist is braking. Brake indication makes sense for more than just motorized vehicles. The ability to see that a cyclist has started to brake is beneficial for everyone on the road and is an important safety feature. Cars and other cyclists, especially during group rides or races, are warned and can react accordingly.

A scant seven grams and a few seconds to install are all it takes to increase safety: with the BRAKELIGHT. The new BRAKELIGHT is compatible with all mechanical brakes with a cable Measuring 3x3 centimeters, it is a small and inconspicuous accessory.

Five different colors are available to match any bike. The streamlined, aerodynamic design looks great on all bikes. You will be hard pressed to find another light as small with such amazing safety benefits. The BRAKELIGHT attaches to the rear brake cable using a 2.5 mm hex wrench that is found on every standard multi-tool. Install with a little pretension so the BRAKELIGHT illuminates with the slightest tap of the brake lever.

The BRAKELIGHT is powered by a user changeable CR 1025 button cell battery, which of course is included with the product. The battery usually lasts for several years. This naturally depends on the cyclist’s braking habits but it is possible to brake more than 100,000 times.

The BRAKELIGHT is available now from your local bicycle retailer.

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Marketing Communication Manager