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03.08.2015 - Products

The new ACTIVO activity tracker from SIGMA SPORT is now available

In creating this product, the sports electronic experts from Neustadt, Germany, want to encourage the general public to exercise more on an everyday basis. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 10,000 steps a day is a good level of exercise. But who can estimate how many steps they are actually taking and the level of intensity of their individual daily activities. The sleek, narrow, bi-colored wristband with a clearly legible display provides precise information. It indicates the number of steps wearers have taken, the distance they have covered, and the number of calories they have burned. Above all, it displays the activity mode of the day and uses Bluetooth Smart to transfer all of the statistics to a smartphone and the free SIGMA ACTIV app.

Whether you want to monitor your exercise during a day or to use the ACTIVO as motivation to pass by the elevator and take the stairs or to walk to the local bakery rather than drive, with the new activity tracker from SIGMA, exercise is quite simply more fun. The light, fashionable and extremely discrete wristband is available in three different designs (black and red, sky blue and gray, and berry pink and gray) so that everyone can find the perfect activity tracker for them. Thanks to the uni-size strap and easy handling, the ACTIVO fits on all wrist sizes.

The ACTIVO can be configured with personal details and targets using the SIGMA ACTIV app on a smartphone or iPhone. The tracker’s display provides information about the current statistics, the achievement of interim targets (bronze, silver), the achievement of the daily target (gold) and the activity mode of the day in the ranges low, mid and high. These statistics are also shown in graph format in the app evaluation.

As well as the active part of the day, ACTIVO also monitors users as they sleep. Whether automatically by setting a ‘sleep time’ or manually, the sleeping period is separately recorded and separately evaluated in the app.

Thanks to the app, all tracker data can be transmitted to SIGMA DATA CENTER via the SIGMA CLOUD and evaluated. The exercise and distance statistics are determined using the tried-and-tested 3-axis G movement sensor. The ACTIVO is charged approximately every eight days using a USB cable. It is waterproof in accordance with IPX 7 and thus a universal, practical everyday companion, which can be read whether on the left or the right wrist.

The ACTIVO activity tracker is now available from retailers. The free SIGMA ACTIV app is available from the Apple AppStore and the Google Play Store

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