The SIGMA DATA CENTER 3 is the logical further development of the successful software ...
Video - TOPLINE 2009
Recording your (e)motions
Digitally coded triple wireless transmission
Speed, cadence and heart rate are sent in digitally encoded data packages to the receiver integrated within the computer head.
The smart one

Wireless, simple to operate and precise. The BC 1009 STS has all the essential functions including average speed, maximum speed, current/average speed comparison, and total trip time.

Featuring a low battery indicator and integrated storage chip, you won't lose your settings or total values during a battery change. Simply easy to operate and enjoy.


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Product demo Assembly
BC 1009 STS Features
General Functions
Auto start/stop
Auto conversion between MPH & KMH
Large display with easy to read icons
7 available languages
Integrated storage chip for data backup
Low battery indicator (computer head & transmitter)
PC compatible
Bike Functions
Current speed
Average speed
Maximum speed
Trip distance
Current/Average speed comparison
Total distance
(not shown while riding)
Time Functions
Ride time
Clock (12/24 hr)
Total ride time
(not shown while riding)
Product Icons
PC interface for DATA CENTER software Waterproof FAST SETTING BOX - compatible Average speed