Frequently Ask Questions & Manuals

What warranty entitlement do I have?
Warranty claims can be made in the event of material and workmanship errors. The warranty does not cover batteries, wear and tear parts, or wear caused by commercial use or accidents. Warranty claims shall only be valid if the SIGMA product has not been opened without authorization and the purchase receipt is provided.
Can I also use my ACTIVO without a smartphone?
No, the ACTIVO can only be used in combination with a smartphone that supports Bluetooth SMART. An iPhone 4S or Android phone with a 4.3 operating system or above is required as a minimum.
I cannot connect my ACTIVO to the smartphone. What can I do?
Please check the system requirements (see question 1). If these have been met, briefly switch bluetooth off and back on and try again. If you are still unable to connect the ACTIVO, please switch the telephone off and back on again, enable bluetooth, re-open the SIGMA ACTIV app and start the pairing process.
How do I start the ACTIVO’s sleep recording function?
There are two ways to start the ACTIVO’s sleep recording function: either directly via the ACTIVO’s menu or via the SIGMA ACTIV app. For information on exactly how this works, please see the ‘quick start’ instructions for the ACTIVO, our video tutorial on YouTube or our website
How can I upload data from the ACTIVO to the SIGMA DATA CENTER?
You can upload the data to the SIGMA CLOUD via the ACTIV app and from there to the DATA CENTER.
Can I wear my SIGMA ACTIVO while swimming?
You can generally also wear your ACTIVO when swimming. However, please note that this is not a diving instrument and you must not press any buttons whilst underwater as the water resistance can then not be guaranteed. The ACTIVO is watertight in accordance with standard IPX7, i.e. protected against the penetration of water when completely submerged for a short period of time (at a depth of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes).
How often do I need to recharge the ACTIVO?
With normal use, the battery will last an average of 8 days. The battery indicator in the ACTIVO’s menu shows exactly how much battery capacity remains.
How does the ACTIVO calculate the number of calories burned?
The ACTIVO calculates both the basal calories (basal metabolic rate) and the number of actively burned calories on the basis of the user’s exercise. The basal calories are calculated using the personal user settings and the active calories are calculated using the number of steps taken and the applicable intensity levels.
How can I view the sleep analysis?
The sleep analysis can only be viewed and evaluated in the SIGMA ACTIV app. Use a finger to swipe/move the trophy upwards in the activities view to open the sleep analysis view.