Bluetooth SMART

Data is transferred between the ACTIVO and your smartphone via Bluetooth SMART (BLE) technology. BLE is found in Android Smartphones using Android 4.3 or newer, or iPhones starting with the 4s and iOS8 and newer.)

8 days of battery life


The USB rechargeable battery in the ACTIVO will last approximately 8 days and takes only 2 hours to completely charge. While it is charging, the activity tracker is disabled and will show a flashing LED light. When it is fully charged, the light will shine permanently indicating that it is ready to use.


ACTIVO is watertight according to IPX 7 standards. This means that the device is protected against temporary (30 minutes) immersion. For example, you can wear it during any type of weather, and you do not have to take it off while showering.

1 button

1 button

The ACTIVO only has one button. A short press will bring the display to life. Press the button additional times to view: STEP, KCAL, DIST, ACTIV and TIME.

Press and hold the button to reveal the menu.

Simple Pairing

Establish a connection between your ACTIVO to your ACTIV app through "pairing".

Once you make the initial connection between your ACTIVO and the ACTIV app (pairing), they will automatically talk with one another. Open the pairing mode from the app's menu and the activity tracker's menu at the same time and they will find one another. That's it.