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A watch says a lot about your personality. As a sports accessory worn on your wrist, it should not only match your style, but fulfill your requirements as a training aid. With the new iD.SERIES, SIGMA SPORT has the right watch for every athlete.


  • iD.GO

    If you are looking for an affordable, easy to use sport watch with heart rate functions, the iD.GO is the right choice for you. The iD.GO wil provide you with ECG accurate heart rate information during all of your activities.

    With only 3 functions and single large button, the iD.GO is very easy to use. All values are shown on one display with large easy to read digits. With its sleek design and four available colors, the iD.GO fits every wrist.

  • iD.LIFE

    Are you looking for a healthy and sporty lifestyle? The iD.LIFE combines the most important functions of a sports watch with an activity tracker and without any smart phone app. It remains simple in operation and fascinates with a clearly structured menu.

    You can get all relevant workout values including personal target zones via the heart rate measurement on the wrist, while the activity tracker provides the additional portion of fitness that lies beyond all sporting activities. This makes the iD.LIFE your indispensable workout partner and everyday companion.

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  • PC 26.14
    Training Partner
    Attractive, functional, reliable, versatile, and of course, digitally encoded, the PC 26.14 is comfortable to wear for all forms of exercise.
    Digital codiert Best Lap 3 Training zones Heart rate Lap counter 50
  • PC 22.13
    The simple, reliable, and smart way of monitoring your heart rate
    The PC 22.13 Woman and PC 22.13 Man are the perfect heart rate monitors for training in the gym and with friends. The heart rate values are transmitted securely and ECG-accurately through the use of the digitally coded STS transmission system. While training, users can view their current heart rate and the total number of calories burned at a glance. With only two buttons, the heart rate monitor is exceptionally simple to operate. Specially designed to fit men and women.
    ECG-accurate Digital codiert 1 Training zone Calorie counter
  • PC 15.11
    Trainings partner for fast results
    The multifunctional PC 15.11 has all the essentials and counts not only calories but also the completed laps. Intervals can be viewed throughout training with the press of a button. The zone bar, zone indicator and display of the training time in the selected zone all enable users to control their workout, creating the best conditions for targeted training.
    1 Training zone Heart rate Lap counter 50
  • PC 10.11
    The sporty calorie counter
    The PC 10.11 features a streamlined design, large display and three operating buttons. Complete with a calorie counter, programmable training zone and zone alarm, this easy-to-use heart rate monitor will turn heads in the gym and enable heart-rate-based fitness training.
    1 Training zone Heart rate Calorie counter
  • PC 3.11
    The heart rate monitor that f its your lifestyle
    Put on the watch, press a single button and you’re ready to go. The PC 3.11 is the ideal entry level heart rate monitor for those looking to begin heart rate based training – whether in the gym, walking or jogging. The PC 3.11 can also be used as a stopwatch when the chest belt is not worn. The large two line display features the heart rate and training time to the nearest tenth of a second. The extraordinary design entices users to continue wearing this watch even after their workout.
    Watertight Heart rate Stop Watches
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Stop Watches


  • SC 6.12
    The stopwatch for active people
    Whether an athlete or a trainer, time matters. With the new SIGMA stopwatch, you can view the time with a simple click. The SC 6.12 records time to the nearest hundredth of a second for up to 99 laps. The SC 6.12 will look great on any wrist.
    Best Lap Watertight Backlight Lap counter 99 Stop Watches
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Activity Tracker

Activity trackers, pedometers with sleep analysis, clock and alarm clock functions, are designed to make exercise part of everyday life and encourage their wearers to be more active. Combined with the SIGMA ACTIV app, they are an effective tool for coordinating, planning, and analyzing daily exercise.

Activity Tracker


    With its chic, slender, two-tone wrist strap, the ACTIVO’s clearly legible display provides precise information. It shows how many steps you have taken, how far you have moved, and how many calories you have burned. Above all, it shows the activity level of the day and uses Bluetooth Smart to transmit all of the statistics to a smartphone and the free SIGMA ACTIV app.

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There are accessories to our sport watches that expand the function and fun factor.

Chest belt

    The new R1 BLUE transmitter from SIGMA SPORT transmits the heart rate via energy-saving Bluetooth® SMART technology. This enables the R1 BLUE to communicate with multiple smartphones, computers and sports devices. All sport apps that support Bluetooth® SMART READY technology and use heart rate data can display the R1 BLUE’s values.
    ECG-accurate RR Intervals Watertight